The Miskatonic Foundation

Welcome friends one and all, finally after much trial and tribulation, we have our site up and running. After several years trying to find the time and motivation to go online, during a fleeting moment of madness, we created this. Although it is but a basic affair, we are much in debt to our sitemaker SAMI and host GREG. Without both of these fine upstanding men of honour, nothing would have happened.

The site you see is designed to be functional first and foremost,to give you all the information you need on our releases, both past and upcoming. The news section will be updated monthly and also whenever something of importance occurs, and. however small the amount of news may be, an update will happen in the first week of every month.

Please use the navigation bar at the bottom of this page to view the sites contents, we thank you for visiting, and hope the site is of interest and most of all, some use. Unless of course you are our enemies, then we wish you a slow and painful demise. - F.O.A.D.

Or by the way... Dating is Men, Women or BDSM seeking Men, Women or BDSM in almost all countries :-)

The Miskatonic Foundation

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